Room Diffusers


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Apple Spice – The rich fragrant scents of the festive season are all wrapped in this candle. Read more HERE

Black Cherry – The succulent aroma of cherries. Read more HERE

Chocolate Orange – What is Christmas without the amazing scent of Chocolate & Orange? Read more HERE

Gingerbread – A scent that is sure to remind you of Christmas. Read more HERE

Pine Cone – Well-beloved fresh fragrance of Christmas. Read more HERE

Sandalwood & Vanilla – The woody sweet smell of Autumn. Read more HERE

Spiced Mocha – Infuse your car with the fabulous blend of fresh warm roasted coffee beans with cocoa and cardamom. Read more HERE

Winter White – This beautiful scent gifts you with the feeling of peace and harmony. Read more HERE

Available all year round

Cinnamon & Vanilla The classic combination resulting in a fragrance which is warm, welcoming, and reminiscent of freshly-baked cookies. Read more HERE

Lavender This timeless fragrance symbolises tranquillity and relaxation. Read more HERE

Vanilla Vanilla is associated with warmth, softness, and caring. Read more HERE


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